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braidcut asked: I love your art! Your ability for monster design is absolutely fantastic.

thank you!!

I’m offering commissions in this style right here!

$20 for a flat coloring/ $25 for a more painty approach, 3 slots available for now, if there’s enough requests after im finished with the first batch i’ll consider opening more.

I can draw:

Payment to be done after I send a wip. Final file will be the original psd with the layers and you can just do whatever u want with it EXCEPT SELLING IT. size around 3000x4000 pixel at 300dpi. If you’re interested contact me at If i don’t answer you after some hours it may be because of different time zones so dont worry.

Anonymous asked: hello I am considering buying a drawing tablet and was wondering what kind you have? thank you

I have a Bamboo Pen CTL-460 by Wacom. its only my second tablet, but ive had it for 2 years and im perfectly content with it. also it goes for around 50 buck which is basically a steal

@xjq said: that seductive gaze…